To Blog Or Not To Blog?

To Blog Or Not To Blog?

To blog or not to blog, that is the million dollar question which is often thrown at me. If, I saved a fiver for everytime that questioned was asked, I may be a millionaire. Well ok, maybe I wouldn’t quite be a millionaire by now but I wouldn’t be far off. So coming back to the question in hand, should you be blogging? The answer, although is a simple yes or no, however depends on certain factors which we will discuss below but prior to that lets ask ourselves one very important question:

Why blog?

Whats the point of a blog? For a business a blog is important for various reasons, some being:

  • It allows you to share your work and achievements telling people how fab you are.
  • Increases your visibility in your industry.
  • To target a different audience other than your other social media platforms.
  • You can share your passion and interest with an online community.
  • Blogging allows you to speak and have your voice heard.
  • Helps with Google rankings this is important.

Now we have established why its important but should you be blogging? Although there are great reasons to blog but it is also true that blogging is NOT for everyone and every business. Whaaat? I hear you saying? Let me explain. The ‘factors’ I mentioned previously, lets discuss them.

Time is important for any business. On a daily basis you have your emails and communications to check, to get your projects completed, keep on top of your work aswell as all the admin and accounts etc. Do you have the time or manpower to have someone committing to a blog? As you do need to update your blog regularly and this requires time.

Content needs to be written regularly, as I mentioned, however the content of your blog needs to be relevant to your business. They need to be thought provoking, to be of interest to your readers and well researched. You can write on other subjects but those posts should be linked back to your industry or your business.

Motivation is a must. When you start a blog you may not get any traffic or any followers straight away or even for a while but this cannot deter you from regularly writing your blog posts. As a dead blog or an inactive blog does not say much about your business if anything would send a very negative message.

Budget is another factor. How you may ask? Although compared to Tv ads and other types of advertising it is cost effective however, the time spent blogging yourself or another team member is also money. Someone famously said; time is money.

Zara Kay

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